Surviving or Thriving?

In a couple of weeks time, we will be celebrating Easter, the most important time in the Christian calendar. Easter is the foundation of Christianity and without the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is meaningless. Tonight I have a message from the Lord to encourage and strengthen you. Everything we go through in …

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Born in thirteenth-century Italy, Thomas Aquinas joined the Dominican Religious Order  Today he is recognised as one of the greatest theologians of the Middle Ages. Thomas taught that reason can lead us to believe in ‘a God’, but only revelation can show us God as He really is. Thomas Aquinas once wrote: ‘Three things are …

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Africa Photos

I found these the other day, and it reminded me of all the really great times I have had while ministering in Africa. God has been so faithful                              

Nigeria the Farewell African Crusade

Reinhard farewell African Crusade & passing the touch conferen   What am amazing time it has been. Seeing Reinhard preaching the gospel once again was a joy and great privilege, the mans humility and concern for others is something to be hold and this passion for Christ and the gospel has never diminished. He is …

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Nigeria Just a few more days

In Just a few days I’ll have the privilege of travelling with Cfan to Nigeria for Reinhard Bonnke last evangelist crusades in Africa. Over the pass 40 year Cfan has recorded over 65 million decisions for Christ. I believe this will be a watershed moment in my life & ministry, and infact I sense that …

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The Cross & Covenant

There can be no better topic to preach on than the Cross & the Covenant  espically on Good Friday! (Tonight).  If your living anywhere close to Ipswich why don’t you try& join us @ Ipswich International Church IP1 2NB @ 7:30pm.   The God of the overflow wants to cascade His love into your heart …

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The Secret Place

The secret place is your portal to the throne, the place where you taste of heaven itself . Receive the word & you have gained one of the greatest secrets to intimacy with God. – Bob Sorge

No man is greater…

No man is greater than his prayer life. The pastor who is not praying is playing. We have many organisers but few agonisers; many players & payers, but few prayers; many singers, few clinkers; lots is pastors, few wrestlers; many fears, few tears; much fashion, little passion; many interferes, few intercessors.         …

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Ignitus-News Issue 22

Dear Friends and Partners I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and a good start to the New Year. Over these past few months, I have been reading and studying the Song of Songs. Over this time the Lord has been taking me deep into an experience of love and communion with Him …

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Five days of Silence

On Monday Im starting a weeks retreat at St Beuno’s,  a Jesuit Spiritual Retreat in North Wales. Five days of complete silence – now thats going to be a challenge!