Nigeria the Farewell African Crusade

Reinhard farewell African Crusade & passing the touch conferen


What am amazing time it has been.
Seeing Reinhard preaching the gospel once again was a joy and great privilege, the mans humility and concern for others is something to be hold and this passion for Christ and the gospel has never diminished.

He is one of my heroes of the faith a modern day God’s General. Over the pass 40 years they have seen over 75 million decision for Christ and as the torch  has has been given Daniel they are believing for double- double within the next 10 years. 150 Million souls!

Over these past few nights we have witness over 1.7 million  people coming to hear the gospel, it was inspirational and to see many 1oo’s of thousands respond to the call of salvation and 10’s of hondred receive their healing & deliverance as the word was preached with sign following.

Saturday was the passing of the torch from one generation to another, this event, I have been waiting for all year, as Reinhard, Daniel and Peter prayed the heavens opened and the fire did full, as on the day of Pentecost. With everyone receiving not just a fresh in filling of the Holy Spirit, but a release and an equipping for the ministry; to fulfil the great commission.

Sunday evening was the last time Reinhard would be preaching the gospel in Africa, it was a moment in history which I will never forget, as he preached with passion & a great desire for all those listening or watching on line to come to know his loving savour.

Over the 33 years I have know Reinhard his message has never changed, it’s all about Jesus & how He can change your life.

its been a great honour & privilege to be able to be a past of this moment in history. My life & ministry will never be the same.

Thank you