Nigeria Just a few more days

In Just a few days I’ll have the privilege of travelling with Cfan to Nigeria for Reinhard Bonnke last evangelist crusades in Africa. Over the pass 40 year Cfan has recorded over 65 million decisions for Christ.

I believe this will be a watershed moment in my life & ministry, and infact I sense that this will release something within the heavenlies which will be a catalyst for a move of the Holy Spirit across the World for Revival.

We are living in a season of history which has no boundaries, no absolute truths, everyone is free to do what they want – as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, that you’re ok to think & do what ever I want.  That maybe true but sin is still sin & on “that day” when we stand before Him (Jesus Christ) we will have to give an account on the things we did & didn’t do.