What can happen when God get’s hold of you.

Below is a story of a young man who has attended our miracle academy and over the past few years has been traveling the country ministering alongside me.

When I left you on Wednesday I went round to my mother’s. She was suffering quite a lot with pain in her shoulder, hip and leg (possibly arthritis) and she was unable to bend to put her socks on. At first I suggested she come to the miracle academy this week but she didn’t seem keen. I decided to pray for her there and then, the first time I have built up the courage to pray for her, as she is not a practising Christian. I started at the top and worked down after first confirming that her pain when trying to reach her feet was at about 7 and she was at least 6 inches away from touching her feet at that time. She also had pain sitting and lying down.

I prayed from top to bottom and then got her to try again. There was little improvement. I felt the Lord tell me to ask what happened around the time the pain started and it all came out about an issue with a colleague at work who was not pulling her weight and subsequent disagreements between them.

We prayed into this and I led her in a prayer of forgiveness for this lady and got her to repeat after me a prayer lifting up the issue for God to deal with. Surprisingly she prayed the prayer and said thank you Jesus. She then tried again to put her socks on and was able to reach her feet with no pain. The look of astonishment on her face was priceless.

I phoned her today to see how she is and apart from a twinge now and again she is sleeping and sitting comfortably. I have told her to still attend the GP as planned on Monday but God is a good God.

I pray that this may be the start of her coming to know the Lord. Thank you Mike for giving me the confidence to reach out to Jesus and believe in the authority the Lord has given me.