Become a Covenant Partner

There is no greater force on planet earth than the power of agreement, when two parties join together for a common goal. Our prayer is that as we partner together, reach-out into our local communities with the Love and power of Christ, touching villages, towns & cities across our nation and also the nations of the World, we will be able to see lives transformed and communities’ changes for generations to come.

God has called us to preach the Gospel not only here within the UK but also to the nations around the world and we can only do that with your help.  

Would you consider becoming a covenant partner and help us to achieve all that the Lord has asked us to do. The Bible talks about equal share to those who go and those who stay behind. 1 Sam 30:24. It is our privilege and honour to serve the Lord and go on your behalf as the Lord start to open up new opportunities once Covid-19 restriction has been relaxed. It’s only together we can truly make a difference and get ready for the coming Revival.

Would you please consider Ashford praying for us and also commit to give financially to help support all that we do? As a partner we promise to:

  • Pray for you once a week.
  • To send you are regular news up-dates. 
  • To invite you to our partner days.

gabapentin 300 mg for dogs side effects Become a covenant partner