When life is meaningless

“It started from birth.  When I was in my mother’s womb, my mum made a vow over me and my sister’s life that we would be used for his work.  At the age of thirteen, life took a twist for the worst.  My parents had a divorce which really devasted me to the point I was rebelling.  I then went out and took drugs such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy.  I sold these drugs too and I was ruining many lives and my life too.

My mother was constantly trying to bring me back to Christ and love.  I would laugh at what she was telling me.  I would go through the streets with drugs in my bag, gun at my waist, knife in my hand and I did not care what I did.

One day I was shot by this man.  Both my brother and I were shot and were put on the life support machine but my brother did not make it.  He died.  I had been shot in my head and I lost of lot of my memory.  I was forced to stop taking every drug or it would jeopardise my recovery.   Not taking any more drugs led to withdrawal symptoms and I started to lose my mind.    I even attacked someone and was put into a psychiatric hospital.  Whilst being there the symptoms became even worse.  My mother would come to the hospital and I would not know who she was and refused to listen to her.

At this time we were living in Dallas, Texas and my mum was attending Potter’s House where Bishop TD jakes ministers.  He came and prayed for me in hospital and after a few weeks my mind started to clear up.  I was remembering things and people and the greatest thing of all was I gave my life back to Jesus.  The Lord has changed my life and I did a degree. 

My old friends started to influence me again to take drugs which I refused.  I went to my mum for advice and she said we can either move to another State in America or go to UK and grow in the Lord.  I chose UK.  I am doing a second degree now and growing in the Lord.”

Phillip testimony has touched many hearts.  If you are finding that life is meaningless why not try Jesus.  He will never let you down.  He changes life and gives people hope and above everything else, eternal life. 

P.K – London