The Evangelism Academy

Training for personal, community and street evangelism

Ignite Ministries is committed to helping and working alongside the local church to reach their community with the love and compassion of Christ. Every church has a Body of people, that if equipped , can be effective in communicating the grace of God to the lost.

The Evangelism Academy is designed to encourage and equip and release the body of Christ to be confident and successful in sharing their faith with other.

The Academy is divided into three sections:

Personal Evangelism: Learning to share your story with others, being able to share the gospel message and lead someone to saving faith,

Community Evangelism: Showing the local community that the church cares

Street Evangelism: To go… Taking the message, of the love of God out into our community and we use many different ways to help communicate this message.  We do Healing on the streets, treasure hunt, give away roses,


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