Being Missional 

We hear the word ‘missions’  so many different images can come to our mind – a starving child in Africa- going to another country and telling people about Jesus.  Maybe you might think of some of the great evangelist like Billy Graham or Reinhard Bonnke or even someone standing on the street corner shouting at the top of their voice.
The Bible says that we all have a mission and that mission is to introduce as many people as we can to Jesus, that is being missional.

Culture of Outreach 

Ignite Ministries wants to work with you in helping to reach your neighbourhood, friends, & family with the love of Jesus.  We are committed to helping and working alongside the local church to reach their community with the love and compassion of Christ.
We see this happening in 3 different areas:

Personal Evangelism:         Learning to share your story with others.
Community Evangelism:   Showing the local community that the church cares.
Street Evangelism:               Taking the healing power of God onto the streets.

More information on how we can help, can be found here

Working overseas

While working for IMS Mission Mike Harris developed a passion and a desire to take teams of people with him as he travelled around the World.  That passion is still  as strong as Ignite Ministries gets involved in the ‘mission field’  –  holding pastors and leaders’ conferences, miracle and Gospel  crusades and  digging fresh water wells, as well as many other areas of ministry as and when the Lord directs and opens up new opportunities.

Have you ever wanted to go on a mission to another country?
To share your faith to a different group of people?
We want you to know that on returning from a short-term mission your faith and relationship with Christ will never be the same.
Why don’t you ask the Lord to see if He would like you to come and join us for one of our trips overseas?
If you would like to come on a mission trip with Ignite Ministries then just fill in the online form.
Some of the places where Ignite Ministries will be ministering in the future will be:
Africa, India, the USA, Philippians, as well as the British Isles.


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