Leadership Consultation

The first part of becoming a missional church is for the leadership to understand their strengths and weaknesses. To assist this process we can help facilitate a consultation process which will enable you to be more strategic in what you aim to do.

The Leadership Consultation offers a unique, non-prescriptive tools for leadership teams Using a mix of presentation and reflection, discussion and technology, Leaders are helped to self-audit church life,  and think through outreach in the context of existing strengths, opportunities and gifts.

Our aim in facilitating the consultation process is to see how we might be able to partner together in developing an evangelistic strategy to reach your local community.   

The leadership Consultation has been designed by Winning Ways

The Consultation is divided into three main areas:

  1. Building Healthy Church An exploration of what constitutes basic church health, drawing on scriptural principles and contemporary research.
  2. Shaping Strategic Outreach  An introduction to Joined Up 3rd Circle Thinking. How does the outreach process work, and how can leaders engage with it effectively and intelligently?
  3. Engaging Key People A guide to recognising evangelistic gift in your church and steps to developing and releasing ‘evangelistic leadership.