If I can do it so can you…

I have been amazed by the healing stories in Mike’s book, I wasn’t sure about the course  but wanted to support Ignite Ministries and i’m so glad I did. I learnt so much, that healing is a process and miracles are an event, Jesus is my healer, and healing takes time and it is not always instant, and healing may need more than one session of prayer. God is faithful and constant. I also learnt a very  simple approach to praying for the sick.
I learnt that when I pray, I need to pray with faith and minister with compassion, and to command all in the name of Jesus. At the healing explosion event, I was amazed that I could stand up and pray for people, never thought I would do that. Our group prayed over the purple healing cloth for a baby who at eight weeks old was struggling to hang on to life, mother had tried all sorts of ways even a spiritualist group, the cloth was placed in her cot, and now I hear she is starting to thrive. Praise the Lord,
Thank you  Rev Mike Harris.