Healed of multiple problems

“I arrived at church with a sprained left ankle, strained right knee ligaments and worse still, I am a multiple allergy sufferer.  I am allergic to carrots, beans, seeds, mushrooms, pets, lentils, soya, celery, fennel, apples, lentils, pears, fruit containing a kernel and nuts.  The allergy condition is extremely serious, which could be fatal.  My face was blotched and scarred by an allergic reaction to a face scrub.  But listening to the preacher I realised that we have authority over these things and so I said, ‘I shouldn’t accept this’.  When I said this I was instantly healed in my seat.  My facial skin suddenly became normal.  I walked down the balcony without using my stick.  My knee is completely healed.  I was receiving therapy for my left wrist because I could not twist it and it was instantly healed too.”                                                                                                                                                                                         Deborah came down all the way from the balcony to the platform to share her testimony with the people.  God had healed her in her seat even as she reached out to the Lord in faith.  She was instantly healed of her allergies and also all of all the pain in her body. 

D.L – London