This was my first main run of the year, along the Grand Union Canal.  what a changes it was to run along the flat… and not up and down hills all the time like at home.

It felt good running and managed to do 7 1/2 miles in 1:8:04 an avg of 9:12 a mile, not too bad considering all the food I have eat over Christmas. 

I would love to do the half marathon in under 2 hrs, its going to be a push but i’m going to give it my best shoot.

This really is the last run of 2012

What a run it was this morning it felt like for every step I went forward the wind was blowing me back two… LOL

The run went well even though it was hard going – just a nice 6 miles in just over 50 mins, lets hope I can keep up this speed right up until race day.

Happy New Year to you all

I’ll Blog soon in 2013

The last run of 2012–May be!

Over these past two weeks I have eaten to much and had to many late nights, to really enjoy going for a run.  but with only 9 weeks until race day, I thought I better get out and see how I get on!

Christmas was really special time having both Jess & Josh home for a few days and I couldn’t wait until I used some of my presence they gave me,  a pair of running head phone and legging.

I ran 5.6 miles in a total of 48 mins dead!

The 1st mile in 8:13,  2nd mile in 8:54, 3rd mile in 8:18, 4th in 8:48, 5th in 8:53  – an average of 8:32 per mile and if I can keep this speed up for the full 13 miles I will be well within my desired time of under 2 hrs..

Feeling Good & Running Hard

Tuesday 4th – I can’t believe it, I knocked 30 sec off of my time! 3 miles in 25 mins & 5 seconds and its all hills….

Monday 3rd Dec

Tonight was a short run 3 miles, but I did it in 25 min’s not bad even if I do say so myself, especially  as its all hills around by us.