Mum dies as a little girl walks to church alone – Haiti

What a trip we had! it was 4 years ago that i last visited Haiti just after the earthquake, the devastation hit me hard, especially when you  saw the 100s of thousand of people who were made homeless and  were living in tents.

Four years later so much has happened – home are being rebuilt, business are growing, jobs are bing corrected, very slowly the nation of Haiti is getting back on its feet. But their is still so much more which is needed! there are over 300,000 orphanage who have not hope really of a normal life, we are trying to do as much as we can. –

Last sunday (Easter Sunday) a 5 yr old girl walked into church alone, her mum had just died and we don’t know where her dad is maybe he died in the earthquake, we couldn’t turn her away.   The orphanage which we are helping with has 30 children but now has 31, it can support 100 children the only reason why its but full is finance, it just cost £15.00 a month for clothes, food, and an education.  I gave Pastor Rene £60.00 for the child 1st 4 month and then as we ministry we are going to continue to support that little girl. – if you could like to find out more please get in touch.



14 miles and feeling good

To be honest I was a bit nervous about today’s run especially as I have had to stop running for 5 weeks because I twist my ankle.

The Manchester Marathon is only 4 weeks away, and if i take it easy but I should be ready…

14 miles






My Feet are hitting the Road!

This past week I have been out running 3 times and each time around the 6 mile mark.  On Sunday morning before church I ran 10 miles, with my ankle holding up and so I have a little more expectation of being ready for the marathon in just 40 days time.  That means I will have to run 14 miles this weekend, 16 miles the week after with a possible 20 miles the week after that. which will just give me a few days rest and recover before the big race.

Please visit

I’m still keeping going

If anyone wants to ride 30 miles & just ride either up or down hill all the way… The route to take is Halesowen to stourport. Keeping going & I hope to get running again next week

20 Miles…

Sad to say it was on my bike, as my ankle is still not quite up to it!

At least I’m doing some cardio, with the race in only 9 weeks time I hope to be ready even if it’s means I take longer to get round.

The most important thing is being able to complete the race.

Please Pray for a complete healing of my ankle