Ascending the hill of the Lord

While being still & knowing him I had an encounter with the Lord.  I was standing on a pathway & and the Holy Spirit was holding my hand, I knew Susie was with me but couldn’t see her. As we started to walk, the vision enlarged so instead of seeing what was right in front of me I could see a complete panoramic view of all that was ahead.

As I was walking up the pathway, I knew the Holy Spirit was still holding my hand. The mist was thick and I couldn’t see much in front of me, but I felt very safe. At times the mist cleared a little so I could see a little way in front, the Pathway was getting steeper and steeper and at times I knew that we were right on the edge with a massive drop on my right.

Finally I reached the top, I knew Jesus was there but the mist was very thick. But then I could just make out the outline of a lion coming towards me.   All this time Holy Spirit was holding my hand but as Jesus, the Lion was coming towards me, Holy Spirit let go of my hand but I knew He was still very close.

I called out ‘Jesus’, I ran and flung my arms around his mane and squeezed Him. (what came to mind was the story of Lucy as she hugged Aslan’s neck). His mane was so soft & very warm & comforting.  As I was descending coming out of the encounter I asked for something to bring back with me…  I was given an old looking key, a big key, it looked quite plain I asked what it was for. I felt Holy Spirit say ‘it’s for unlocking Men’s hearts’.