About Us

About Us

How Ignite Ministries came into being

It was July 4th 2004 when the Lord began to speak to Mike from Genesis’s 26 – the story of Isaac re-opening the wells of his father, Abraham.

It was from this passage that the Lord started to speak Mike, about re-opening the wells for the miraculous within the UK and around the world; to dig the wells of salvation, and in so doing reach 1 million souls.
A few weeks later, in the early hours of the morning, the Lord gave Mike a vision; he saw a picture of Great Britain with many geysers bursting forth. The torrents of water were so strong that nothing could stand in their way…. And the Lord spoke these words…

‘As you continue spending time in my presence, seeking my face and becoming the man behind the Man I will enable you to begin to re-open three wells of the miraculous within your nation. What has been deposited within you over the past few days can be developed into a mighty torrent of water, which will be strong enough to remove the rubble that is blocking the wells. That torrent will not only be able to re-open the wells, but will also fill the wells with the fresh water of my Spirit. Many will be able to drink from this and receive their healing. This will not happen overnight but as you remain faithful I will accomplish all that is within your heart at this time and also much, much more.’

It was from these two encounters that Ignite Ministries would be finally birthed.
It wasn’t until May 2008 almost 4 years later that Mike felt it was time to leave IMS and start Ignite Ministries.

The Ministry can be summed up in just a few words:

Establishing the Kingdom
To Establish Gods Kingdom, by reaching the lost through evangelism at home and abroad, believing God for the salvation of 1 Million Souls.

Releasing the Power
To Release the Power of God, by training and equipping the Body of Christ so that they become mature, lacking nothing.

Encountering the Glory
To encounter the Glory of God through the work of the Holy Spirit within our lives.

The foundational scriptures for our vision are:

Luke 9:1, Genesis 26: 18, 2 Kings 4: 1-7, Ephesians 4:11ff, Matthew 6:13                   


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