About Mike

In 2004 Mike had a vision of Jesus and a call to reopen the wells for the Miraculous within the UK and around the world. It was from this encounter that Ignite Ministries would finally be birthed.

Mike’s story started many years before that on Easter Sunday 1986 when Mike was baptised in water just a few months after he gave his life to Christ. As Mike came up out of the water of baptism he was overwhelmed by the love of Jesus and felt for the first time the tangible presence of God and was called into the ministry as an Evangelist. It was a few years later after a time of waiting on the Lord in prayer, Mike received a fresh vision of Jesus hanging on the cross. As Mike watched, he noticed Jesus was crying and the tears were running down His cheeks.

One of those tears landed on Mike and he felt an over-whelming sense of grief and sadness as he saw 100,000’s of people heading towards hell, it was at this time that a passion and longing for revival flooded Mike’s heart.

It wasn’t until 1994 that Mike started to attend The International School of Evangelism, based at Zion Christian Centre in Halesowen.

In January 1996, Mike joined OAC Ministries West Midlands as a staff evangelist and in 1997 became the branch director, involved in taking school assemblies, holding open air meetings, training people in all aspects of evangelism and children’s work.

In December 2000, Mike joined International Mission Support (IMS Mission) as the European and African Director. Holding evangelistic crusades in many rural towns and villages in Africa, Mike witnessed first hand 1000’s coming to Christ and being healed by the power of God.

It was in 2008 that Ignite ministries was birthed as Mike continues to see many people saved, healed and set free by the power of the Holy Spirit. Over these many years of ministry Mike has had the privilege and honour of serving Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and the CfaN team. He has been trained and ministered alongside Joan Hunter who has an uncreditable healing ministry. Served Richard Roberts on a number of occasions when he has been ministering within the UK.  All of this time Mike has been based at the same local church Zion Christian Centre – which has now changed it’s name to Lifecentral Church in Halesowen under the leadership of Pastor Leon Evans. In 2018 Mike felt the Lord lead him to join All Nations Church in Wolverhampton and the apostolic family under the leadership of Pastor Steve Uppal and his wife Esther.