Unity is the only answer

Dear Friends

Over these past few days, we have begun to understand the magnitude of the discussion we made as a Nation last Thursday. I do truly believe that there is a very difficult road ahead for us all no matter which way we voted.
In the whole of my life, I have never seen such division between friends, and family and have never heard of such anger and hatred spoken out
against family, friends and those from other nationalities when the outcome didn’t go the way we wanted it to.

Luke 12:52f
From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.’

As a father, a son, a husband, and a friend to many, I would ask you to please put these differences behind you. The road ahead is going to be tough enough without all the backbiting, and slander which is going about. It is as we come together, facing the issues head on that we will start to find that right footing. It will take a long time and for some these next few years are going to be tough, but there is a resolve within my heart and spirit, that as we come together, not looking for the easy way out, but willing to face the difficulties and embrace the hardship which we will face as a nation. I know as God is my helper, He will make away

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
2 It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard,
running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.
3 It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion.
For there the Lord bestows his blessing, even life for evermore.

As a nation now more than ever before we need the Church of Jesus Christ to stand in the Gap and seek God for the way forward.
I have brothers and sister on both sides of the argument and from different parties who need our prayers and encouragement, to stand and make those tough decisions for the good of us all.

In these next few days, both the conservative and labour parties are going to have new leaders. NOW is the time to pray for God to appoint the man or woman, that will be able and willing to lead this nation into a new tomorrow.

The Anointing and the forth man in the Fiery Furnace

What an incredible evening as Richard taught on the anointing and the 4th man in the fiery furnace. I just love it when Richard preached Christ from every book in the bible – with no notes!

As he spoke about a double portion, he asked all those who wanted to receive stand and wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze. as I did and Richard released the anointing it was as if a ball of electricity left Richards left hand and hit me in my stomach. I fell to the floor face first with a thud. and there I lay as waves of the Holy Spirit came over me.
after a while, I got up and sat in my seat shaking and trembling under the anointing. My right arm lifted and it began to shake violently as I saw in the spirit, what seemed like electricity leaving Richard left hand and hitting my right hand. and I heard the Lord say to complete the connection I want you must hold Richard left hand which I did.

It is time, to press into that next level of activity within the realm of the Spirit.


An Open Door

The Cross is an open door into all that heaven has to offer, & there is no limits to the blessing which God want to pour into your life. NO LIMITS Just More & more of His goodness 

Miracle Academy – Setting the Captives free

Dear Partners and Friends

We are so excited about the brand-new Miracle Academy that we are planning on running in October this year. Over the past 18 months we have been re-writing the whole manual, and have put it together in fresh new style, which we know you will enjoy working through.

I have an excitement within my spirit that while we are at the academy the Lord is going to release a fresh anointing for us all. The academy is so much more than, sitting in a classroom gaining knowledge! It’s more about imparting and putting into action what we learn.

My desire is that over the duration of the academy, you will be inspired and your faith built-up so that you can minister in the authority which you have as a child of God and that you will start to see many more people, touched, healed and set free by the power of God working through YOU.

In the Bible it says that all different types of sick people came to Christ and he healed them. It doesn’t say all the sick were healed, but it does say all different types of sickness were healed. That tells me that no sickness can stand in the way of a child of God who’s ministering in faith and with the authority of Christ. The responsibility is not ours!

Over the years I have had a number of people say to me “Mike, why do I need to be trained to pray for people, isn’t prayer just talking to God?” – Yes it is! But ministering healing to the sick is so much more! Many times I have heard people pray “Lord if it is your will….” Please forgive me if that’s how you pray, but I have seen that when we speak to the situation, speaking to the illness and commanding it to leave in Jesus name, we seem to see more people healed and that’s my only real concern. While at the academy I know you will learn so much more on top of that.

Below are a couple of stories of people who have attended the Academy in the past and the difference it has made in their lives.

“After graduating from Mike’s healing academy, I have gained more confidence in praying for people who need prayer for healing. Praying with authority in the name of Jesus, I have seen many people healed. I have become part of the prayer team at my church, I go out with the Ignite team to pray for people, and many are healed in the name of Jesus. Whilst I was in Zambia I prayed for a little boy, who I thought was going to die, and I left him in the hands of Jesus. The next day he was running around playing football!!!! Yes miracles do happen. Thank you Jesus. Our God is an awesome God, that he can use me in this way”. – Barbara.


“Since receiving the Holy Spirit in a very powerful way during one of Mike’s services back in 2012 I have gone on to receive healing for my shoulder following keyhole surgery.  The shoulder kept swelling up during exercise. Mike prayed for me and I felt tingling in the shoulder but was not entirely convinced.  I tested it the next day by doing a few rounds of boxing on the heavy bag.  Before prayer one round of boxing would result in immediate swelling and ice treatment.  I hit that bag for 10 minutes with no swelling and the shoulder is completely healed and still going strong, Thank you Jesus.

I have worked with Mike in the ministry team since attending his miracle academy in 2012.  The academy really gives you the confidence to pray in faith for healing and the knowledge that Jesus is the one doing the work.  I have seen the Lord move powerfully through Mike and through us as a team.  I have seen people’s lives transformed by the healing power of God and in return our faith levels have multiplied with each and every miracle.  This training has also equipped me to pray in my own church and see people healed.  Thanks Mike, you have a great heart for the sick and needy”. – Paul

Mike Harris has visited Ealing Christian Centre a number of times to train our ministry team members in how to heal the sick in Jesus’ name. This has given them the confidence to go on and pray for many people, both inside the church and on the streets and see many healed as a result”.  Pastor Richard Buxton ECC


Here is all the information you will need.

Date: Wednesday 21st October – Wednesday 25th November

One Wednesday evening for six weeks.

Time: 7pm for coffee, the sessions will start @ 7:30pm each week for 6 weeks

Place: Owen House Room 1, Zion Christian Centre, Little Cornbow, Halesowen, B63 3AJ

Cost: £10:00.

Subjects covered

Using your authority

Understanding the basics

Healing starts from within

How to deal with stress and trauma

Is it in the family?

Miracles do happen

Why some people are not healed

Healing on the streets


Places are limited, so please book in as soon as you can and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Rev Mike Harris

Ignite Ministries.



It’s an honour

Over the past 20 years of ministry I have been blessed by so many individuals who have wanted to come and serve the ministry & be a part of what God is doing!  When ever I get I chance I try & serve other by sowing my time & service into what they are doing! This week I have the honour of serving Richard Roberts & his team from the U.S. While I’m driving, setting up the books & being available to do what ever they ask.  😃