The First 10 Miles

What a day…

Leaving the house with ice on the ground the roads and pathways were very slippery.

Running up Dunstall Rd the pass was steady and I was feeling good @ 2 1/2 miles

Then came the “hill” Uffmoor Lane leading onto St Kenelm’s Rd. The sun was shining, it was a nice cold bright sunny morning..

When I hit the Sun Pub @ Romsley halfway 5 Miles – feeling good.

Running down Bromsgrove Rd, my pass increased and by the time we hit McDonalds @ 7 miles. the weather started to changes and the rain started.

Haden Hill Road was a killer but I kept going – 81/2 miles I hit a wall and I had to press deep to kept going @ 9 miles feeling good once again and only 1 mile left to go

10 miles – 1:33 an average of 9:20 per mile

Training Program for the bath Half Marathon

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It all started in January 2012 with me wanting to lose some weight, so I joined Slimming world and started running… well you would really call it walk a lamppost then run a lamppost, for 1 mile.

Then I went running two lampposts, walking a lamppost, then 4, 6 lampposts, until I was running 1 mile. I then build it up to 3 miles, in April I was running 3 miles 3 times a week and had lost over 18lb.

Over the next few months I had increased my run to 10K twice a week and by the middle of August I had reach my target of losing 40lb.

That’s when I decided to run a half marathon to help raise some money for Haiti.

On 1st November I started my training for the Bath Half Marathon

Twice a week, I was doing speed runs for between 35 & 50 min’s and then once a week increasing my distance from 6- 8 miles in an average time of 9:35mins per mile. – I goal is to run the 13 miles in under 2 hrs!!

Saturday 1st December – 10 miles –